What Are the Cons Of Laser Hair Removal?

Hair is a common issue when you want to dress up. Waxing and shaving are tiring practice for one where you have to go through the hassle more often. It is great for people to choose laser hair treatment; also, it is one of the most preferred treatment nowadays.

However, laser hair treatment is getting more common, but there are serious concerns related to it that you need to be considerate of. Let us discuss the cons of laser hair removal and know whether you should get this or not.

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Cons of laser hair removal treatment!

People with excess hair growth want to get rid of hair and consider for laser hair treatment, but before you get started with it, one should must knowledge regarding its side effects of using laser hair removal treatment.

  1. Redness and irritation

Redness and irritation is a common issue caused after clinical treatment. The symptoms are short-lived, and your skin might tingle or feel tender and even look swollen. Similar results would be occurred due to regular practice of waxing, but it is not a permanent thing, so you don’t have to be concerned regarding it.

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  1. Skin colour change

Minor colour changes are noticeable in the rare case where the treated area of skin gets darker or even lighter with regular practice of laser hair treatment. Darker-skinned people get lighter skin, and for lighter-skinned people, it’s vice versa. However, over a period of time, things get changed, and skin will recover to its original colour.

  • Eye injury

During the treatment, powerful lasers are used which has the risk of potentially serious eye injury, especially when treatment is being practised around the skin’s surface. It is necessary for practising as well as patient to wear protective glasses for preventing eye injury.