How To Practice Dye While Your Hair Is Braided?

Dying is a common practice among people nowadays; it makes your hair look really impressive and enhance the overall personality. The practice of coloring your hair is changing every now and then where some like to completely color them, or some like to color strands only.

Coloring your braids is another aspect, but people are confused regarding this aspect surely. Let us discuss the guide if coloring long or short hair with braids is possible or not. For additional information, consider learning from the details stated below.

Dying hair with braids!

  • Permanent color

 it is better to neutralize hair after permanent color by rinsing and shampooing. It is difficult for people to tell whether color can be removed from your hair or not from the interior of the braid. However, your hair can be even damaged internally. The chemical burns are more likely to happen with hairstyles like cornrow and French braid.

  • Mottled color

the effect of the exposed surface of braids on hair would be more than each plait. A bold look can be attained in the case of braided dyeing, but once it is done, it will appear more like the previous color.

  • Braided extensions

if you are wearing extensions while coloring your hair, there is a high possibility that extensions would get affected. It is great for people to make a choice for removing the braids’ extension when coloring. Color won’t much effect on synthetic extensions; however, the chemical process may cause considerable damage to hair.

  • Alternatives

when you are coloring your hair, it highly depends on what type of hairstyle you are carrying. When you practice dyeing the hair while its braided as the strands will be colored that are outside of the braid, whereas it has minimal effect on internal hair. There are different hair color gels that are manufactured with pigments that sit on top of the hair and can be removed easily.

  • Temporary color

when you are looking for style, only a temporary color can surely come in handy as it is also less damaging in comparison with permanent color. Permanent color has chemicals that will cause adverse effects on your hair strands; surely and longer, it would sit on your hair; harsh results can be seen on your scalp and hair strands.

Hence, these are some of the effects that you would be hassling with when you choose to color your hair when braided already.