How To Apply The Brown Tint For Perfect Look?

Eyebrow has to do a lot with your overall look, so it is better that you pay considerable attention to them. Tinting your eyebrows is a traditional practice that is used for enhancing your eyebrow, but not everyone can master it.

There are different tips to use an eyebrow tint for an amazing eyebrow that can make your face look more attractive. We are here guiding you with easy tips for eye tint that you can practice easily and attain perfect eyebrows.

How to practice eyebrow tint?

Once you have gotten your eyebrow tinting kit, you would be eager to get things done. Ensure that you are picking the right quality eyebrow tinting kit from a good brand as it can provide better results surely.

kit for tinting

  • Firstly, you need to prep your tint mixture with a tube of dye cream and color activator in your tinting kit. Mix 1cm of cream and three drops of activator and mix it well till you get a good consistency.
  • The second step includes prepping your skin for tinting, so you need to take off makeup and apply moisture around your eyebrows as a barrier against tinting. It is important to have a protective layer around the brows for preventing staining slips ups.
  • Make small use brush given in the kit for tinting start with putting it on your eyebrow. You need to coat each hair and shape the way you desire it to be. Pay closer attention to the fluffy start of the brow as there are the lightest of hairs.
  • Let it dry for ten minutes, depending on the color you wish to have, and you can read the label behind the tinting kit for how long you should wait.
  • For removing the paste, a wet cotton pad would be enough and rub the mixture off from the eyebrow.

Lastly, the practice of tinting your eyebrow is really easy, so you can practice on your own at home, and no longer you need to pay for it to the salons. Most people lightest hair at the start of the eyebrow, so you can get noticeable results with tinting brow practice. If you are not fond of applying the permanent brow tint, you can choose for styling gel to attain a fresh look on the brows. It is easy method practice for everyone.