Our organization holds that public spaces should be places of spontaneity which allow for serendipitous experiences. All users of public space bring distinct qualities to the streets and have a part to play in the wider tapestry of urban civic life. Street artists and performers can add life, colour and character to our shared public spaces and add to a sense of communal well-being. We seek to preserve and promote this character wherever it exists, and will seek to resist all attempts to erode it. In light of attempts by certain local authorities to strictly limit the sorts of activities which can occur in public spaces, we will seek to actively safeguard these spaces as places of community and spontaneity.

We believe in fostering a greater sense of urban community. To that end, consideration and compromise are right at the heart of our values as an organization. Because all humans posses an inherent dignity, each of us are worthy of being treated with consideration in our own right as persons, regardless of our views or affiliations. We believe that disagreements between users of shared public spaces should be dealt with through respectful dialogue and compromise.

Excessive regulation of public space is a poor substitute for a genuine sense of community and freedom rooted in consideration towards others. Indeed, wherever such a sense of community prevails, a set of overbearing and coercive rules and regulations are unnecessary. To that end, we seek wherever possible to build lasting relationships of cooperation between street artists and performers, other stake-holders and the administrators of public spaces.