ASAP! is a movement of street artists and performers and all those who value street culture based on the idea that our shared public spaces should remain as open as possible and be used for the common good. We believe that our public spaces should be places of communityinteractiondiversity and spontaneity where street artists and performers are welcomed.

In summer 2012, we ran a campaign which succeeded in forcing Liverpool City Council to repeal a coercive and legally-dubious compulsory license scheme they had introduced.. See our campaign site, Keep Streets Live! and a statement of our achievements there. We believe that local authorities can help street culture flourish by fostering spontaneity and creativity, and avoiding compulsory license schemes with arbitrary rules and regulations.

We wish to draw our membership widely and work alongside all those who care about street culture. As long as you share our values and are in agreement with our aims, we are happy for you to call yourself an ASAP! member, and we are here to help and support you.

And yes, don’t worry – membership is FREE (and will always be). Just fill out this form and we’ll be in touch!