On November 11th Labour-Led Camden Council passed a resolution which criminalised the playing of music in ANY public space in the borough without first obtaining a licence. Under this contentious piece of legislation playing a guitar in the street for fun, even without any container for donations, has become a criminal offence punishable by a £1000 fine, the seizure of instruments in the streets by force, and the sale of those instruments to pay the fine after 28 days. This policy turns Camden into one of the most restrictive boroughs in the entire country for informal performances of street art and music and sets an extremely damaging precedent for other cities in the UK. It must be challenged.

The Association of Street Artists and Performers has launched formal legal action in response to this policy and has found top Human Rights solicitors and barristers who are willing to work for free because they believe in the rights of people to use shared community spaces for art and music without facing these draconian restrictions. However, if we lost our High Court challenge, we would be liable for the legal costs of Camden Council which could exceed £25,000, not to mention the costs of the court action itself. There is no way we can fund this legal challenge without a fighting fund to cover these costs, so we are asking our friends and supporters for a contribution to the Keep Streets Live fighting fund!

Any contribution you can make will be vital to our cause….

Many thanks
Jonny Walker
Founding Director of ASAP! (Association of Street Artists and Performers)