Broadly speaking, ASAP! campaigns for the public recognition of the positive role of street artist, performers and educators. Our campaigns, in the first instance, target unduly restrictive local council by-laws restricting street culture.

We do recognise, however, the local authorities are in need of a street entertainment policy of some kind. We realise that street performances can generate complaints and issues to which local authorities are required to respond in some way. We are keen to engage positively with local councils to help them develop policies towards street artists and performers that recognises their hugely positive contribution to the vibrancy of the city centre, whilst at the same time emphasising the responsibilities we all have for showing consideration to everybody who shares in our public spaces.

We want the council to recognise that spontaneity has a vitally important role in the cultural life of our streets, a life in which street artists and performers play a significant part in shaping. The street artists and performers of of a place are part of what makes the city what it is, and helps to make it stand out from other city centres that have become bland and homogenised. The policy that the council have put forward is, in our view, so restrictive that it leaves little room for organic street culture to flourish.

Here are a list of local authorties in which ASAP!  is currently running over at our campaign site,

  • Liverpool City Council