Public Space and Freedom

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The Orchestra…. I am writing these words a few hours before the inaugural public performance of the Citizen’s Kazoo Orchestra (CKO) on Camden High Street and a tangible feeling of Kazoo-infused excitement is rising up within me. The CKO has been formed at great haste because of Camden Council’s plans to impose a draconian license scheme for busking in shared public spaces of this great London Borough, which will give the police...

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Our Response To Camden Council’s Consultation

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ASAP (Association of Street Artists And Performers) Founder and Director, Jonny Walker was invited to respond to the proposal set out for the strict regulation of busking and street performance by Camden Council. This is his response, on behalf of ASAP!, sent to the council on 1st October 2013, alongside the launch of his petition against such a draconian scheme coming into place: SIGN THE PETITION to support the musicians and street...

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Spotlight On Camden’s Issues

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Street culture in Camden is under imminent and real threat. Under plans being drawn up by Camden Council, Street Performers face a fine of up to £1000 for the ‘crime’ of busking without a license. Council officers will have the power to seize musical instruments and other equipment, the tools of a busker’s trade, and to sell them if the fine is not paid within 28 days. ASAP has set up a petition calling on the council to...

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Bath Busking & Bullying Issues

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Some of you will be aware of that I have recently been asked to be the patron of a Norwich based charity called Musical Keys who provide music, movement and fun for children and young people with special/complex needs. One of the reasons they asked me to be their patron was because ASAP’s vision of public space being used for grassroots expressions of art and culture matches their vision of music being used to promote wellbeing amongst people...

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Common Sense Triumphs in York Busking Saga

Posted by on Mar 28, 2013 in Blog | 1 comment   A whole lot of water has flowed under the bridge in York in the last two and a half weeks, almost as if the River Ouse itself had burst its banks. Yesterday the flood waters receded. I attended a meeting with York City Council. I was accompanied by Morris Stemp, Regional Organiser of the Musician’s Union and Neill Ryan, a well-loved musician who often busks in York. We sat around the table with a couple...

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